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Matthew 28:19, 20 (Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…..)



God’s word contains a mass of needed mate1ial Christians need to

know. The New Covenant teaches us how to live on earth in

preparation for heaven. It is not easy to always determine what a

congregation needs to know in order to grow and be strong in the

Lord. People are at different levels of growth, and they need a variety

of teaching to increase knowledge and to achieve spiritual fortification.

One of the potential problems confronted by preachers and elders

1s accommodating the spiritual needs of as many of the people as

possible. People often assume that preachers automatically know what

needs to be addressed. Such is not the case.

If “too much” preaching is done on moral issues such as abortion,

dmnkenness, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, adultery, incest, etc.

m order to strengthen those who have been converted from an

immoral backgrounds, there will be some who \vill not derive much

benefit from that kind of material. On the other hand, if “too much”

preaching is done on “doctrinal” issues such as immersion, the one

body, instrumental music in worship, the Lord’s Supper,

denominationalism, etc., people who prefer teaching on moral issues

may feel neglected. If the preacher elects to do “textual” preaching

those who prefer “topical” lessons may feel “neglected.” Then there

are people who prefer “topical” preaching because to them, “textual”

preaching may be too general.

One way to assist with resolving this dilemma is for people to

suggest specific topics, texts, subjects, ideas, and other types of

material that they need to hear. Another important factor is to

suggest such things to Bible class teachers. Bible classes are often

the ideal arrangements for discussing material because of the value of

the question and answer format. (Acts 17:16-34; Acts 20:7;

Colossians 4:6; 1 Peter 3:15) The message must be proclaimed and

there are a variety of ways to get the job done. (2 Timothy 4: I -5)

Ron Daly

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