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Undeniable Religious Truths

Undeniable Religious Truths

A large segment of the religious world denies many of the plain truths

that are specifically affirmed in the word of God. Especially those truths

that are associated with salvation. Why? The denials are largely due to

traditional denominational beliefs and teaching. It is extremely difficult

for people to change their beliefs and practices even when scripture

teaches they are wrong.

One undeniable religious truth is that immersion is essential to

salvation. Peter, the Lord’s apostle, guided by the Holy Spirit plainly

says, “immersion does also now save us.” (1 Peter 3 :21) Yet, almost all

denominationalists teach “immersion is not essential to salvation.” Their

creed books affirm that immersion is not necessary in order to be saved.

Peter says “it does save us” they say “it doesn’t save us.”

Who do you believe?

Peter’s statement is undeniable!

Another undeniable religious truth is mechanical instrumental music

in worship is unauthorized. God’s word plainly says that we are to “sing

and make melody with the heart.” (Ephesians 5:19) People are to “sing”

in the assembly. (Hebrews 2:12) No passage in the New Covenant says

to play on a mechanical instrument. That is an undeniable religious truth,

yet tens of thousands of people will continue to worship God with the

human instruments.

Erroneous religious tradition is hard to break!

It is also an undeniable truth that heaven is not on earth. Many folks

are persuaded that “heaven is on earth.” They are wrong. God’s word

says heaven is above the earth. On the last day, the Lord will come

down from heaven. (1Thessalonians4:16) So, heaven is not on earth!

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Undeniable Religious Truths

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