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Converting Family Members

August 31,2014

All of us have members of our family who are not in the body of Christ. They are not Christians. Their sins have not been forgiven. They are lost. This is a matter of grave concern to anyone who is a disciple of Jesus and who loves their relatives. Therefore, it is logical to ask: “How do we convert our relatives?”

Bringing ones relatives to the knowledge of salvation in Christ Jesus is in some ways similar to converting anyone. But, there are some additional facts that need to be considered.

(1) When we are attempting to teach the good news of salvation in the Lord to family, we must keep our emotions in check. Emotions such as anger and tolerance seem to surface quickly when discussing religion with close family. I know why. We expect them to listen and we expect them to accept what we say because we are close to them. Well, it isn’t that simple. Many times family can and will be the most disagreeable. Why? Sometimes pride gets in the way. People will say “I can take correction.” But when correction is suggested they fight against it. Most people, including family, do not take too kindly to being corrected even though God says that is what we must do. (2 Timothy 2:24-26; 4:2)

(2) If we want a good chance of converting family members it is also imperative that we watch what we say and how we live. Nobody will more quickly point out inconsistencies in life and word than angry members of the family. Even though they may have the same problems, they will capitalize on ours because they see us as the aggressors. It is true that hypocrisy in the lives of believers affects everything and everybody around them. (Matthew 5:13-16; 7:1-5)

So, in a nutshell, if we want to convert family, we must be sure that our attitudes and lives are right with God, and (as much as possible) with human beings. Implied in all this is the need to always “Let the Bible speak” without additions, subtractions, or any other modifications.

Ron Daly

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