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Audio of Sermons and Debate

We welcome our visitors to listen to these scriptural lessons. Thank you and please study for yourself!

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 The link BELOW is AUDIO ONLY of a debate between Ron Daly and Billy Jenkins. It took place in August of 2011, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Debate on YouTube (audio only)


6 Responses to Audio of Sermons and Debate

  1. Ted Underwood says:

    It is so refreshing to know that someone was willing to take a stand for the truth against man-made doctrine. I am appalled at the number of preachers and teachers in God’s church today who are tolerant and have no more backbone than an earthworm has! I appreciate the way that Mr. daly met Jenkins’ arguments head on without apologizing and without appearing soft. I tire of hearing preachers and teachers who ask why we are not growing, when they are in part to blame for not making the truth distinct and clear from the many false doctrines that are out there. We gain nothing when we fail to be straightforward with religious error.

    I also like the blogroll. The essays, language studies, and translation project are very useful for study. Thanks for making such rich articles available free of sectarian bias! The congregation here has used many of your published studies in our Bible classes. It thrills us to know that finally such research is available, and it is not from the pen of denominational scholars. Appreciate the work.

    Ted Underwood, Arkansas

    • disciples says:

      We are grateful to our Father in heaven for your appreciation of HIS Truth, the ONLY truth. Continue to stand strong brothers and sisters!

  2. Susan Johnson says:

    Mr. Daly, I just finished watching the entire debate. Your mean spirit and ill treatment of Mr. Jenkins was an absolute disgrace to the Bible and it’s Author. I fear that many seeking souls were discouraged by your behavior. I pray you will consider carefully the choice to ignore Paul’s admonision to not quarrel in front of non-believers.

    • disciples says:

      Dear Susan:

      Thank you for your recent assessment of the Daly-Jenkins Debate. Contrary to what you say, I was very careful not to exhibit a mean spirit and ill treatment of Billy Jenkins who is both a Baptist preacher and false teacher. One reason I consciously avoided a mean spirit was the fact that false teachers always have sympathizers who allow human emotions and fallacious reasoning to see truth as mean and soul-damning error as kind and gentle.

      The debate was not a quarrel. It was an effort to expose heresy and promote and defend the truth. I pressed my points because I am passionate about God’s word. I did not hesitate to call a spade a spade and a heart a heart.

      I have also found it to be very interesting that many people say we shouldn’t judge false teachers and their doctrines, do not hesitate to judge those who teach the truth!

      I pray that you will carefully consider Paul’s admonition to avoid those who teach doctrines contrary to the New Testament. (Rom. 16:16-18)

      Ron Daly

      • Kent Bailey says:

        I had the opportunity to view on youtube your debate with Mr. Jenkins. You did a tremendous job in defense of the truth. You pressed your arguments in a very firm way yet you demonstrated a genuine concern for Mr. Jenkins and all individuals blinded by false doctrine. Keep up the fight for truth (Jude 3).

  3. Jan Hunt says:

    Good morning. I am listening to the debate between Brother Daly and the Baptist preacher.

    I would just like to commend you for your stand for the truth. You truly are “earnestly contending for the faith.”

    During the time I was growing up, debates were not so rare, and it is so refreshing to listen to hear this one.

    (I’m a member of the Southport church.)

    God speed, Brother. I love you in Christ.

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