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Where Are Our Voices?

May 13, 2012

Where Are Our Voices?

One of the hardest things to do is to get people to “take a stand” and to be heard. Most people like to select representatives whose voices will be heard so their own will not. This is true regarding secular things as well as religion. Many people have been brainwashed into thinking that if you openly differ with someone, that you dislike them, and that you are stirring up strife. It is true that scripture teaches that the “Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome.” (2 Tim. 2:22-26) Quarrelsome indicates that a person is looking for an unjustified fight, and that one is argumentative. Do we not realize that argumentative is not the same as boldly arguing in defense of truth. Jesus, Paul, and Apollos boldly argued in defense of truth, but neither of them was “quarrelsome”. (Mat. 22:23-33; Acts 17:1-12; Acts 18:27-28) Their voices were heard in religious circles. They did not remain silent for personal advantage, fear, or social and political concerns! It is right to ask:

“Where Are Our Voices?”

We live in a day in which there are ongoing assaults against God’s will. There are political, legal, social, and religious organizations that are so tolerant and soft, that they literally say nothing against the errors that lead people astray. Their voices are only heard when they complain against those who speak out against wrongdoing!

Jesus condemned the blatant hypocrisy of the political and religious leaders of his day, He did it without apology. He spoke against Herod (Lk.13:3I-32) and Pilate (Jno. 19:10-11). The apostles followed the example of Jesus! (Acts 4:18-20; 24:24-26)

I hear some folks say, “But that was in a day when social, political, and religious chaos was rampant. That’s why the Lord and the apostles were so direct and strong in their denunciation of the evils of their day.” Really? So, when we do not want to do things the way they did, all we have to do is rationalize. Right?

Well, this same reasoning would effectively do away with most of the teaching of the New Testament because it was written during times and in a culture that differs from our own! The fact is, the principles and techniques that were effective in the apostolic age are just as effective now. The problem is to get people to stop making excuses and get to work!

Where are our voices when a nation enacts legislation that
sanctions the murder of multiplied millions of innocent unborn
human beings? Do we find ourselves saying, “Oh well, what’s the
difference in murdering babies and misappropriating tax payers
money? Some politicians endorse abortion and others are
dishonest. They are all in the same bag.”  Could such reasoning
have a more sinister motive behind it? Is it really an admission that it’s okay to vote for a person who promotes the murder of the innocent unborn? It is true that “sin is sin”, but it is also true that certain sins have more far reaching consequences than others! (Jno. 19:11)

If a politician misappropriates tax payers money, the money can be repaid. The life of the aborted baby cannot be restored by the politicians, doctors, or anyone else on the earth.

Where are our voices? To be blunt, the usual methods that we use and the excuses we give were never used by the apostles. They were fearless and they taught Christians in their day to be bold. (l Tim. 6:12; Jude 3) Can we do any less and be right with God? (1 Cor. 11: 1; Phil. 4:9) Are we afraid to confess that we stand with Jesus? (Mat. 10:32-33)  More to follow.

Ron Daly

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Nations That Forget God

February 19, 2012

Nations That Forget God

Psalm 9: 17 says, “The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.” (NIV-20ll) The word translated “nations” is the Hebrew word goy and it means “nation or people.” No nation is so strong militarily, financially, politically or socially that it will continue to stand if it continues to defy the will of Almighty God! There have been many large and powerful empires and kingdoms of days gone by, that were thought to be invincible, but they met their demise when things got so bad that there was no conscience and no tarn-a-round in sight. Ancient Babylon, Greece, and Rome are all examples of “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” We learn from history that there are certain telltale signs that the road leading to an ultimate fall is being traveled. What are some of the signs that indicate a nation is traveling the road leading to destruction?

First, when it forgets God!

This is seen when those who are its leaders have little if any concern for governing according to principles of righteousness and fairness. Instead, they become seekers of pleasure, hungry for corruptly obtained wealth, and they seek the good-will of human beings instead of God. No nation is stronger than those who lead it! Leaders tend to be the “voice” for the people, especially in a society that elects its leaders. People tend to elect leaders who reflect their political, social, and religious beliefs.

When a nation disregards principles of righteousness and elects leaders based on race, “intelligence,” or to “send a message” instead of right and wrong, something is amiss!

Principles of right and wrong should be the guiding light in all situations.

Second, a nation is traveling the road to destruction when it
devalues human life! There is nothing that magnifies this attitude
more than the practice of abortion. Abortion is the murder of
innocent unborn human beings! Life begins at conception. What
has an unborn baby done that deserves death? We often hear
people say, “It’s about the mothers rights.” No, it’s about the
baby’s life! No nation that murders its own innocent people can
survive the wrath of God.

Murdering unborn children is the taking of innocent life.

One thing that should bother us is the fact that generally speaking, relatively few of God’s own people realize the seriousness of abortion because some cringe when this sin is condemned. God teaches us that the attitude underlying such senseless acts is wrong and inexcusable! (l Tim.1:8-11)

Where is the same clear, emphatic, and bold denunciation of abortion among us as there is of sins of a moral and doctrinal nature? There’s a dead cat on the line somewhere!

Third, a nation’s demise is forthcoming when God’s law of morality and marriage are disregarded! God’s word dearly teaches that the sins of bestiality, adultery, child molestation, lesbianism, rape, and homosexuality will end in hell unless those who practice such things repent. (l Cor. 6:9-11; Rev. 21:8) Sexual sins are not only addictive, but they are also destructive to one’s body, mind, and society. Who would have believed that this nation would “progress” to the point that lawmakers would support same sex marriages?

A person cannot believe the Bible and support, accept, and defend same sex marriages!

Yet, many of those who accept and defend such are “religious” people. This proves that many people have no real concept of what God teaches about true religion. To them religion is just a “belief system.” Atheism is a belief system, and is false to the core!

Ron Daly

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Accessory To Murder

January 22, 2012

Accessory To Murder

It’s a sad fact murder is committed every day, in every country. Sometimes a murder is committed for vengeance or jealousy. Sometimes for “religious” reasons. Oftentimes it is committed for money.

Here in the United States, an “accomplice” is one who is present and may even participate in the crime. An “accessory” is someone who has knowledge of a crime being committed or will be committed, and fails to report it.

You can also be an accessory if you help the perpetrator in some way.

Let’s examine those who help the practitioners of infant murder, stay in business—–

  1. Real estate broker/agent—helps with finding the “right place” and negotiating lease terms—and profits from it.
  2. Landlord—gives them a place to commit the crime—and profits from it.
  3. Maintenance personnel—makes sure things are kept running—and profits from it.
  4. Lawn care—they make sure the “business” is presentable to the public—and profit from it.
  5. Attorney—represents killers—and profits from it.
  6. Medical supplier—yes, these people make sure the “procedures” continue with the right tools and supplies—and profit from it.
  7. Office equipment supplier—provides the tools and maintenance to keep machines running, so records of the killings can be maintained—and profit from it.
  8. Utilities provider—provides the necessary services for an efficient operation.
  • Phone company—instrumental in making sure appointments can be made and kept—and profit from it.
  • Electric company—instrumental in making sure there is plenty of light and power for killing the baby—and profit from it.
  • Water company—instrumental in delivering an ample supply for sanitation and cleaning up after the killing—and profit from it.
  • Gas company—making sure everyone is comfortable—except the baby. And they profit from it.

9.  Advertisers—every business needs to advertise—don’t they?

  • Billboards—informs and keeps the “service” in the minds of people—and profits from it.
  • Signage company—puts the sign on the building, so people know right where to go and have the “problem” taken care of (and they profit from it).
  • Phone book—gives the necessary information so people can call and get the process started (and they profit from it).
  • Newspaper—promotes the murders by advertising it—and profits from it.
  • Internet service provider, webhost, web designer—After all, abortion clinics, terrorists, pornographers, racist groups have to “get the word out” just like everyone else—right? And someone profits from it.

10.  Post office—makes sure correspondence is picked up and delivered—and profits from it.

11.  “Waste collection”—these people help with collecting dead babies so they can be disposed of according to governmental regulations—and profit from it.

12.  Receptionist—“helps” people with questions, directions, appointments and the necessary paperwork—and profits from it.

13.  Security—makes sure everyone at the “facility” is kept safe—except the baby—and profits from it.

14.  Counselor—gives women advice so an “informed” decision can be made—and they profit from it.

15. Insurance company—they ensure operations will resume after an accident or disaster—and profit from it.

16. Elected and appointed officials—they enact and uphold laws which permit the killing of babies—and profit from it (with our money—and even our approval).

Have you noticed a pattern? …..”and they profit from it.”

Unfortunately, this is not a complete list of “accessories to murder”. You may be thinking of even more who are involved. The cancer is indeed widespread.

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil:….” 1 Timothy 6:10 (American Standard Version)

What if, one or more of those mentioned above, decided to say “NO, I/we will no longer help those who murder babies, regardless of profits?”

It takes courage to do the right thing—doesn’t it? It also takes love for yourself, love for others and a desire to please God—no matter what happens.

Robert bickel   Jan. 2012

(this article was written just before the 39th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, when our government sanctioned mass murder. Many use the word abortion but that is because “killing a baby” or “killing a human unable to defend itself” is too unpleasant for them)

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