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Elders and Their Qualifications (4)

June 12, 2011

Elders and Their Qualifications (4)

We ended last week’s bulletin with a brief discussion of the possible meanings of the Greek expression “mias gunaikos andra” (one woman man) in 1 Timothy 3:2. The major options are: “married only once,” “the husband of one wife,” and “faithful to his wife.” It is certain that Paul does not intend all three possible meanings, so which one is the correct meaning of “mias gunaikos andra” (one woman man)?

The most natural meaning of the phrase seems to be “a man who has one wife and is faithful to her.” He is not a man who has many women. He is not a many women man; he is a one woman man.

3. Sober-minded. The ASV and NIV 2011 say “temperate.” This tells us that the man who desires to be an overseer must be clear-minded. His work will require him to be a capable thinker. He uses sober judgment in his decision making. He doesn’t act first and think about it later. He thinks every step of the way in order to act wisely and in the best interest of God’s flock.

4. Self-controlled. He bridles his passions, his thoughts, his words, and his actions. He is not reckless. He is a decent man and has himself under control.

5. Respectable. He is dignified and sensible. He doesn’t get down in the dirt with sin and shame. He is a man of honor.

6. Hospitable. He gladly welcomes people into his home. He is open and loving to others. He uses what he has been blessed with in a way that makes him a blessing to others.

7. Able to teach. He is a man with a thorough knowledge of the scriptures. He is capable of teaching God’s truth to others. He is a person who is skilled in teaching. He must be able to instruct and refute those who are teaching error. (Titus 1:9)

8. Not a drunkard. He does not abuse alcohol. He is not a slave to drink.

9. Not violent but gentle. He is no brawler. He does not get into a drunken stupor and start beating people. He is a kind and gracious man.

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